Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journey of a different kind

I take up a pen..... its been a long time!!
My head floods with memories,
good & bad, happy & sad.
Memories that warm you up
like hot coffee on a chilly morning,
like the fire in the hearth in that ol' house of your dreams,
like ma's hug when the tears don't cease,
like a long-lost friend's laughter when a friend is what you need.

I'm on a journey back in time

seeing all that has gone
with fresh new eyes
I see strength in trials,
love in distress,
truth in heart-breaks,
friendships in turmoils & I wish.....

I wish I could show you all that I see,

take you with me on the same journey,
but though we were together for some time,
the roads have now taken us our separate ways.
They stretch ahead of me endlessly & I'm unsure.....
Which is the road where I might find you again?
I keep going back though the roads lead on,
the journey continues creating new memories.
May might still be a part of some.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I wish..

I wish that I had studied harder,
wish I had performed better,
wish I'd been an opportunist,
wish that I never do repeat
my many mistakes.

I wish I'd never left things in a mess,

wish I could hear all that's not said,
wish I were in a better place,
wish I had the courage to face
the consequences of my decisions.

I wish I was a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend,

wish I'd learn to understand when its over before the end,
wish I'd learn to feel less,
wish I'd learn to not regret.

I wish I'd learn from all of this

the importance of this one chance I have
to live.. a life without regrets.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Child

Still a child with hope in her eyes,
Easy with her smiles,
Easier with her trust,
Her laughter rang clear,
The world was hers to win,
She had no fear. So naive!

They worried about her,
She didn’t know hurt
beyond that of a broken toy.
She didn’t know pain
deeper than a bee’s sting.
The tears always dried
And the sun would always shine after the rains.
Life was a beautiful rainbow,
She just did not know all its colours yet.

How would she survive?
The endless rains not followed by the sun,
The hurt of broken trust,
The pain of unfulfilled dreams,
The despair of an incomplete being?

But survive she did!!
They need not have worried,
She was strong
And she still smiled,
A brittle smile that did not reach her eyes.

The child had finally grown up.