Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journey of a different kind

I take up a pen..... its been a long time!!
My head floods with memories,
good & bad, happy & sad.
Memories that warm you up
like hot coffee on a chilly morning,
like the fire in the hearth in that ol' house of your dreams,
like ma's hug when the tears don't cease,
like a long-lost friend's laughter when a friend is what you need.

I'm on a journey back in time

seeing all that has gone
with fresh new eyes
I see strength in trials,
love in distress,
truth in heart-breaks,
friendships in turmoils & I wish.....

I wish I could show you all that I see,

take you with me on the same journey,
but though we were together for some time,
the roads have now taken us our separate ways.
They stretch ahead of me endlessly & I'm unsure.....
Which is the road where I might find you again?
I keep going back though the roads lead on,
the journey continues creating new memories.
May might still be a part of some.

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