Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Thoughts just floating by..

Here I am, in a room full of people,
All are familiar faces, I see them everyday,
There are some I've known longer
and a few that i know better than the rest,
But none of them are friends....
Though they could easily be,
They are nice, they are fun, not different from those i call my friends
But I cant find it in me to make that effort, to bridge that gap & let the world in,
They have tried, most of them, to draw me out.
Some have given up, some are still trying.
I want to help them but its getting more difficult everyday.

Life is at cross-roads,

Its time to decide
& suddenly i have to be all grown up....
Wasn't it yesterday that i was still a child?
Still allowed to be willful and spoilt?

I know what I have to do?

But is it what i want?
What is it that i really want?
Most wishes are fantasies, some are daydreams.....just wishful thinking...
I hope you are not one of them,
I hope you are my reality.

The thoughts just flow randomly,

There is no begining & no end,
I'm caught in the current,
I need to get out.....NOW

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