Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our true colours

Ever noticed if the person next to you is blue or green or may be red? No.. I am not talking about the colours of their clothes. For some unfathomable reason I have begun to associate people with their colours. Thats how I see them. Wierd!! I know!!

Like a rich earthy brown is warm and comfortable. It makes you feel safe and secure, like you are home. Its a source of strength like the earth it represents. My mother, therefore, is a brown (even if she doesnt like it much). My mother and one other person.

And my best friend, well.. she is a yellow and she doesnt like it either. But still, she is a bright, sunny yellow. She dispels the darkness around her just like the sun's rays. She walks in and the world lights up.

Who is a red? Well, you are red..Boss!! A red is charismatic, inspiring, determined and a leader and, therefore, not part of the crowd. Its so you.

And I know someone who is a purple too. She is funny, sometimes insane, strong, understanding and unknown, a bit of a mystery. Yes, she is a purple.

Who is a light blue? Well, he is infinite, vast and right in front of you like the sky and still you would never understand what it exactly is?

Then there are the dark greens. Reliable, dependable, real people. They are good friends, much like the browns, since they represnt nature.

Oh.. then we have the oranges and the fluorescents. The oranges are lively but stubborn. And the fluoroscents are those whose mere presence disrupts the harmony of your mind.

Did I forget the whites? I associate white with wisdom and peace. So, white for me is the colour of a mentor, a guide. His mere presence calms you and gives you hope.

I am yet to meet a black though. A black is someone who has built walls around themselves that cannot be broken, making it impossible to understand them. You mistrust them based on some inner instinct, not any good reason. But I am sure most of us know the greys. They are attractive, enchanting, rebellious free-thinkers with absolutely no concern for the conventions of the society. Of course, the majority out there are pretend greys, but it doesn't take long before they show their true colours (pun intended :P).

The range of human nature is infinite. The types and varieties you come across is endless, and so are the colours.

Funny thing is.. I am yet to figure out mine.

Note: Originally written on 30th November, 2012.

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