Thursday, April 4, 2013

Behind closed doors

That's me in the mirror, I see myself.
I seem to have come a long-long way.
I hide no longer, I cry no longer.
I still dream, though the dreams have changed.

I smile at myself, like I smile at the rest of the world.
Then I walk away, I get on with the day.
I have plans, I am busy.
There's life, there's work, there's people I love.

The day passes by, as if in a dream.
I am never still, not for a single moment.
I cannot take that chance, cannot let them out of those doors.
They nudge me every second of every day,
I just about manage to keep them at bay.

And so ends another day.
I lie down congratulating myself, a victory at last.
As I lay down the guards, in that moment of stillness, the defences are breached.
Everything comes rushing back.
I lose the war, yet again.


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