Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thomas, the cat and the hero!!

When you think of the most inspiring personality of all times, who pops up in your head? Mother Teresa? Or Martin Luther King? Subhash Chandra Bose or Vivekananda or may be Abraham Lincoln? Well, let me tell you who pops up in my head.

Its 'Thomas' the cat (yes, you got it right.. the Tom & Jerry 'Tom' :P) for his tireless efforts towards making a club sandwitch out of 'Jerry' the mouse. In the 170 odd episodes of 'Tom & Jerry', Tom made at least a million unsuccessful attempts at capturing Jerry. In the process,

he got run over by a lawn mower, got blown up into a giant balloon, got trampled by Jerry's elephantine friends, got fired by cannons and sometimes fried by them too and the best of the lot, got split into halves and often fourths and eighths and more but he did not give up. In spite of being outwitted by Jerry every-time, Tom would never cease coming up with brilliant new ideas for his mission ranging from the ordinary mouse-traps to hi-tech robots and rockets. (probably the funding came from the Dairy companies who wished to protect their cheese from Jerry :P).

For your 'never-back-down' spirit, for your focus, for your creativity and intelligence and for your effective implementation of even the most wackiest plans (tips for all aspiring managers here :P) I salute thee Thomas cat.

If Hanna-Barbera had created even one more Tom & Jerry episode I am sure you would have succeeded in bringing down the Goliath , I mean Jerry :P

Till the episode is created, rest easy (or chase other mice, your wish really) knowing that you continue to inspire millions worldwide.

=> Tribute from an ati-vella-infoscion :D
(originally written on 14th May, 2013)

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