Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Was thinking last night..

Just found out that you were here;
not for me, for someone else.
It hurt like hell but didn't show
cause you took so much out of me,
there's nothing left anymore.
No tears to cry, no pain to feel,
all emptiness where you had been
and there no light will ever reach.

If going back was possible,

it would be wise for me to go
and erase you from my life,
then all darkness, all emptiness would go,
I would be able to breathe again.
But then I think of a life without having known you,
what sort of life would that be?
There would be no hurt, no pain and no you....
May be I'm not so wise after all.


  1. hmm...some similarity in our feelings.....dont you think so???

  2. it was ultimate..... i just dnt have wrds to express how much i liked it... gr8 mam... :)