Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kahe ka 'aal izz well'?

Indians love slogans,especially feel-good slogans which give them relief from the depression of our daily lives: the corruption, the traffic jams, the dirty politics, the see-saw stock markets as well as the see-saw fortunes of the cricket team, thats why the India shining slogan was initially such a hit(it was only later that people realised that it was all a farce).

The last slogan that all of us fell in love with was 'jadu ki jhappi'.And now the crown has been transferred to 'Aal iz well'.The newest kid on the block is creating waves everywhere. This is a slogan like one never before. Everybody from the politicians to the paupers is chanting this mantra.

Like Aamir aka Rancho in the movie says 'Apna dil bahut darpok hai, use bewakuf bana ke rakhna padta hai', I think that's what everyone is doing, except it is each other we are trying to fool and not just our 'bichara dil'.These days you shout at a rickshaw-wala 'Bhaiya....lambe raste se kyun le ja rahe ho? Main paise nahi dungi' and he will most probably tell you this 'Arre madam, kyun chinta karti hain? AAl IZ WELL' (and then he'll charge you 20 bucks more for the feel-good factor).

The slogan is fast on its way to be ranked at the top of the 'grossly-misused' list(I'm sure such a list would be available somewhere on the internet). For instance its great when a doctor says 'AAL IZ WELL' to his patients or their family and gives them a little bit of hope, but when a politician undergoing trial in the court of justice says 'ALL IZ WELL' about his state of affairs I'm sure anyone would feel like chucking a shoe at him,a la-al-zaidi, and shouting 'kahe ka aal iz well?' to his loser-face. Your parents probably feel the same when your exam results are out and you give them an 'ALL IZ WELL'(which they obviously and understandably don't agree with) and the worst is when you have a heart-break and people tell you aal iz well,then you feel like shouting '**** you all' from rooftops.

It would be great if aal really waz well with the world but as we can see it obviously isn't so when we go around giving people the feel-good vibes it probably wouldn't hurt to try and make it last by working a little towards the AAL IZ WELL goal. Wat say people? Lets earn our right to say 'AAL IZ WELL'.

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