Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gandhigiri.. do we really get it?

Munnabhai aur circuit ke muh
humne suni kahani hai ;
eye-for-eye purana hua
ab gandhigiri ki bari hai.

Aaj-kal sare directions me

gandhigiri ka shor hai
'gandgigiri is the in-thing
even if Gandhi bada bore hai'
gandhiwad ka make-over karke
humne gandhigiri karli invent
but how many of us see beyond the hype
to the message that was meant?

Gandhigiri is not just sending flowers to your foe

its about making sure he's no longer your foe
gandhigiri is not getting in the papers by going on a fast
its the willingness to sacrifice yourself for a cause you think is just

Gandhigiri is all about following gandhi's ideals

but do we understand them & do we even care?
everybody around is joining the bandwagon
trying to be part of the wave, just joining in the fun.
The real change will come when
we are willing to bring it
by not just talking about gandhigiri
but accepting and following it.

Till then Gandhigiri will just be

another passing fad,
yet another gimmick to market
a movie or an add.

1 comment:

  1. yea gandhigiri is not merely to send flower to ur foe .u should think about the notions of gandhi jee.Their sacrifice towards the nation without expectation & personal benefit.I am fan of his enthusiasm towards nation.nowadays situation is that no anyone is going to take interest in any social work and upliftment of society without their own benefit.Now think hw he developed such a great thought thats' why he is called Mahatma.