Thursday, February 4, 2010


She cries in the night,
wondering what went wrong?
what did she do?
why is this the end of her song?

She doesn't want to blame you

so she blames herself;
she still cares for you
but you couldn't care less.

She tried all she could think of

to make sure it would work;
she only ended up losing
you faster then she thought.

There are friends all around

and they've been trying to help
but can anyone help you
when you can't help yourself?

What was the problem?

was she too honest?
was she too vague?
was she too insensitive?
or did she just bore you to death......
maybe too demanding
or maybe too possessive,
maybe a little bit obsessed
or maybe like a noose around your neck....
didn't she understand you?
or didn't she accept you?
or did she want you to be somebody else?

May be she should have told you sooner

how she felt,
but how could she
when she didn't know it herself?
The thought of losing you brought it all home
that she's been in love with you
all this time along......

She never wanted to hurt you

but she knows she must have had;
cause you wont behave like this
unless you've been hurt really bad.
She hopes you would see
that she's been hurt the same way;
its ok if you don't love her
just,please,don't go away......

She is trying to get over you,

she knows you wont come back
but if someday you turn around
you'll probably still find her
waiting for you to complete her song......


  1. great work by a really prolific poetess......"BEAUTIFUL" is the word.....

  2. Thanx sweetheart, dat was my 1st piece of writing & urs is da 1st comment :-)

  3. each and every tym i read this.. i love this more.. yar tooooooooooo good.. :)

  4. thanxx thanxx soooo much for posting this .."itss beautiful" .. i mean brought tears in my eyes may be beacause I cud relate to it .......hope to see more of such nice poems....just grt simply grt!!! ma frend