Monday, February 8, 2010

Love in its many colours

I have known love
in many colours and hue,
but I honestly don't know
how you tell if its true?

There's a small kid,
he has a little kitty;
he feeds it from his own plate
and the sight is very pretty.
It is probably the most innocent of all forms of love.
Can you decide if it is true?
I prefer to observe.

Its lunch-break at school,
a girl is sitting alone.
She doesn't have a snack-box,
there's nothing at home.
There comes another girl,
she sits besides her friend.
She opens her snack-box
and says 'There's enough for both of us'.
Call it friendship or love for a friend;
whether its true, you gladly be the judge.

Its a winter evening,
chilly and cold;
just the two of them are out,
oblivious to the world;
'I have to leave, there's nothing here for me',
he says all dejected.
She holds his hand and smiles at him,
passing her strength over to him;
but deep inside she is thinking 'Not even me?'
May be you'll say 'That's true love',
but if its love, how can it be otherwise?

He fell down and hurt himself,
she took him in her arms.
He painted all over her floors,
she smiled at her little artist.
He was mad at her, he wouldn't eat,
he shut himself in his room.
She was mad too, she didn't eat,
how could she when he hadn't?
He opened his eyes, he searched for her
but she was nowhere there,
'cause she was in another ICU,
she had just given him a new life.
Her love is like the sky,
it doesn't end, it doesn't fade,
it is there forever.

So, when you ask me
if my love for you is true?
Just know that what I feel for you,
it runs so deep, right into my very soul,
that it cannot be false.


  1. Probably The best of all crap(pardon my expression) u have written.....touching...soothing..

  2. Oye deepak-aashiq-awara-sayar-singh...kuch kuch bhi comment marega kya?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. can just say wowww..
    this was the best out of u..

    'She was mad too,she didn't eat,
    how could she when he hadn't?'
    and this whole para is brilliantly written...
    sounds similar to Munawwar Rana's..
    "Maine rote hue ponchhe the kisi din aansoo
    muddaton maa ne nahi dhoya dupatta apna"

    "Abhi zinda hai maa meri mujhe kuchh bhi nahi hoga,
    main jab ghar se nikalta hoon dua bhi saath chalti hai"

    u got loads of feelings, i must say..
    keep it up..!!